Cycles & Accessoires


In 2013, the eBikeTec tradeshow in Paris organised an international design competition. The challenge was to design an eBike that could be made in France, in small or large batches. I received the “public choice” award.

Stylo – French for ballpoint pen – is a compact urban bike, lightweight, easy to handle, at ease in the traffic or in crowed pedestrian streets. Its frame does not require expensive tooling ( no molds or complex CNC parts), uses fabrication processes and materials available locally and can be made at low cost. The complete bike uses standard bicycle parts everywhere it is possible.

With a range of 40 miles, compatible with the usual bike equipment’s ( bags, trailer, child seat), embedded lights, flashy colors, it aims at breaking with the “bike for old people” image of eBikes, integrate the life of modern urban families and replace their second car.